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Microsoft DO NOT phone you

I've been contacted today by a customer who wanted me to help them "fix some errors that Microsoft phoned me about".

It turns out they received a call out of the blue from a guy wanting to log into their computer remotely and fix some problems. They claimed it was because they (Microsoft) were receiving too many error reports from this customer.

You need to know that Microsoft DO NOT phone you - ever.

If you receive a call like this, please hang straight away and certainly do not let them have access to your computer. It's a scam. The idea is that they download trojan software to your computer so they can gain control later, when you are not aware and hopefully steal your bank details.

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P4A 3.6.1+ File Manager

Previous posts here have explained how to add TinyBrowser to the fckeditor implementation of P4A.

With the release of P4A 3.6.1, TinyBrowser no longer works as fckeditor has been updated to ckeditor.

This post shows you how to implement ckeditor's File Manager, ckfinder in P4A 3.6.1+

Firstly, download a copy of <a href="">ckfinder</a> and extract it to ./p4a-3.6.1/themes/default/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckeditor.

Next, edit ./p4a-3.6.1/themes/default/widgets/rich_textarea/rich_textarea.php:

Put this at the top of the file.

// Introduced by Fear of Mice to support ckfinder
include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].P4A_THEME_PATH .'/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/ckfinder.php';

$mydir = P4A_UPLOADS_DIR. '/' . $this->getUploadSubpath(); //set
$prep = false;
if (substr($mydir, 0, 7) == 'http://' || substr($mydir, 0, 8) == 'https://') {
$prep = TRUE;
$mydir = str_replace('https://','',$mydir);
$mydir = str_replace('http://','',$mydir);
$mydir = preg_replace('|(/)+|','/',$mydir);
if($prep === TRUE) {
$mydir = prep_url($mydir);

$cookiestr = str_replace($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'],'/',$mydir);
setcookie("ckfinderdir", base64_encode($cookiestr), 0, '/');
$mydir=base64_encode($mydir); //encode it

This creates a cookie containing your required path to the upload location.
...then, near the end of the file, replace the "if isUploadEnabled()" code block with:

filebrowserBrowseUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/ckfinder.html?',
filebrowserImageBrowseUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/ckfinder.html',
filebrowserFlashBrowseUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/ckfinder/filemanager/ckfinder.html',
filebrowserUploadUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Files',
filebrowserImageUploadUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Images',
filebrowserFlashUploadUrl: '<? php echo P4A_THEME_PATH ? >/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/core/connector/php/connector.php?command=QuickUpload&type=Flash'

Next, in ./p4a-3.6.1/themes/default/widgets/rich_textarea/filemanager/ckfinder/config.php, retrieve your cookie value and set up ckfinder:

$baseUrl = base64_decode($_COOKIE['ckfinderdir']);

Bar any extra juggling to get ckfinder to work how you want, this should do the job.

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